Faculty Leadership Commons

The Faculty Leadership Commons (FLC) represents the Dean’s Leadership-level forum for consultation and exchange. Its main purpose is to facilitate networking, teambuilding and ensure timely communication of important Faculty and University matters with the Faculty’s academic and clinical leaders and administrative core leadership team. The FLC will give members the opportunity to provide informal advice and feedback to the Dean while also providing the Dean with a forum to keep the Faculty’s leadership up-to-date on a variety of topics. The FLC will also provide a forum for formal presentations by FLC members, University representatives, and other invited guests.

The Terms of Reference provide details of the FLC’s composition and other information.

VP-Dean and Vice-Deans

Executive Director and Senior Advisor

  • Demetra Kafantaris
    Demetra Kafantaris
    Executive Director, Administration and Operations
  • Leah Moss
    Leah Moss
    Senior Advisor to Vice-President & Dean, Office of Vice-President of Health Affairs & Dean

Associate Deans

  • Aimee RyanAimee Ryan
    Associate Dean, Biomedical BSc, Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Heather AbrahamsHeather Abrahams
    Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development
  • Gerald FriedGerald Fried
    Associate Dean, Education Technology and Innovation, Director of the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning
  • Michelle ElizovMichelle Elizov
    Associate Dean, Faculty Development
  • Anita GagnonAnita Gagnon
    Associate Dean & Director, Ingram School of Nursing
  • Regina HusaRegina Husa
    Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) and Professional Affairs
  • Sylvain Baillet
    Sylvain Baillet
    Associate Dean, Research
  • Alvin ShrierAlvin Shrier
    Interim Associate Dean and Director, School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Susan Rvachew
    Susan Rvachew
    Associate Dean & Director, School of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Timothy Evans
    Timothy Evans,
    Director & Associate Dean, School of Population and Global Health, Associate Vice-President (Global Policy and Innovation)
  • Laurie SniderLaurie Snider
    Associate Dean & Director, School of Physical & Occupational Therapy
  • Mélanie Mondou
    Mélanie Mondou
    Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME)

Department Chairs

Directors of Institutes, Centres and Other Units

Dean's Office Directors

  • Christine Dolden
    Director of Administration, Academic Affairs
  • Diana ColbyDiana Colby
    Director, Communications Office
  • Batchimeg ZuendBatchimeg Zuend
    Director, Finance
  • Véronique Paradis
    Director, Human Resources

Affiliate Members

  • Elham Emami

    Faculty of Dental Health Medicine and Oral Health Sciences
  • Stephen Robbins

    Lady Davis Institute at the Jewish General Hospital
  • Rhian Touyz

    Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer,
    Research Institute of the MUHC


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