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Alice Barbara Martin, R.C.F.A. McGill University Archives, 0000-0481.04.233

McGill Remembers
McGill Remembers documents the McGill community's contributions to the war effort, commemorates the activities of individuals, and draws attention to the rich collection of archival resources recording McGill's war effort, housed in the McGill University Archives

History and Archives Committee of the JCCCM Collection
The archival records of the History and Archives Committee of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal (JCCCM) contain documents in diverse formats, record the internment of Japanese Canadians in British Columbia during WWII and their subsequent move to Montreal; document the activities which culminated in the 1977 Centennial Celebrations to commemorate the arrival of the first Japanese immigrant, Manzo Nagano, in Canada; and trace the activities that led to the Redress agreement in 1988.

Ian C. Pilarczyk's Picks
This exhibit reflects a portion of McGill Memorabilia collected and donated to the McGill University Archives by Ian C. Pilarczyk - Alumnus of the Faculty of Law. The collection serves as an illustration of McGill’s history from the unique perspective of an independent collector.

The Journal of Sir William E. Logan, 1845-1846 :: Digital Gallery
The journal of famed geologist William Edmond Logan (1798-1875) is available to view in this digital gallery presented by the McGill University Archives. The virtual exhibit contains the scanned images of each page from Logan's journal, written between 1845 and 1846.

John Peters Humphrey: Citizen of the World
The virtual exhibit on John Peters Humphrey (1905-1995), the noted McGill professor who drafted the original United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, showcases the life and career of one man's life-long dedication to global human rights. Using over 400 scanned images, including digital reproductions of family photographs, correspondence and diary entries, the exhibit chronologically tells his story, from his youth in New Brunswick to his work as the Director of the Human Rights Division in the United Nations to the national and international recognition he received later in life.

McGill Football Photo Gallery
The McGill Football Photo Gallery showcases McGill Redman football team photos from 1874 to 2000. The photographs contained in this unique photo gallery were collected by McGill Redman football coach Charlie Baillie, who coached the Redman between 1972 and 2001.

Heather Munroe-Blum

"...a long line of eminent and learned Principals": The History and Tradition of Installation, 1829-2003
In honour of the Installation of Dr. Heather Munroe-Blum as McGill University's 16th Principal and 12th Vice-Chancellor, the McGill University Archives is pleased to present this virtual exhibit on the history and tradition of Installation at McGill University since 1829.

"...a long line of eminent and learned Principals," which forms the title of this virtual exhibit, is taken from the address given by McGill's first Principal, Archdeacon George Jehoshaphat Mountain, at his Installation on June 29, 1829. It expresses his hopeful vision for the future of McGill's leadership. The address is recorded in the minute book of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning. This virtual exhibit features key governance documents and evidence of an evolving University ritual, including historical research on past Installations, images, and programs.  [Enter the Virtual Exhibit]

Student protest

Student Life at McGill, 1829-1997
  • Studies, Social Life, Issues, Sports
  • A large collection of photographs spanning over 168 years!

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