Campus life

Time capsule
A time capsule, placed inside the cornerstone of the Donner Building for Medical Research in 1947, is found in 2004 by McGill Campus Security officer Sergeant Mathieu Racette.

Student unrest, 1968-1970
Photographs illustrating the turbulent sixties at McGill University.

My Fur Lady
A political satire written and performed by McGill students becomes a nationwide success.

The Women's Union and the war effort
With many male McGill students fighting in the Great War, their female counterparts back at McGill organized a Union to support the war effort.

In the 1870s, an exciting footbal rivalry between McGill and Harvard gave McGill the opportunity to create new rules of gameplay, which became standard throughout the United States.

Campus life during WWII
Campus life during the War

Dance at McGill
In 1912, McGill's Physical Education program offered its first dance classes, which evolved over time to include modern and interprative dance.

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