McGill facts and institutional history


Early campus
Before the McGill Campus took on its familiar look, the campus was composed of the Arts Building, a stream, a pond, and even a few grazing cows.

Campus buildings
The names and date of construction of the buildings that form the McGill University campus.

Quick facts about McGill
The facts and figures related to students, staff, teaching and research facilities, awards, and future plans at McGill University.

McGill songs
Listen to songs written and sung by students in praise of their Alma Mater.

McGill convocation ceremonies not only marked a special moment in a student's life; it also involved dignitaries from around the world, giving addresses or accepting honourary degrees.

Royal Victoria College
Founded in 1899 and funded by Lord Strathcona, the Royal Victoria College served as both living quarters and educational facility for female students.

The training of new nurses in Canada had close connections with McGill University, where proper training methods were established.

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