Temporary work permit

Student is the dependent or the spouse of an individual with a Temporary Work Permit valid for a position in Quebec


The duration of the exemption is usually determined by the expiry date of the work permit. Please note that in order to be exempted for the semester, the expiry date of the work permit must be greater than or equal to the end date of the semester.

Note that this exemption is not applicable if:

  • The temporary worker who has been authorized to work on campus (part-time or full-time) is pursuing studies at the same time.
  • The temporary worker has been authorized to work in Canada for a maximum of one year after gaining a degree or diploma.
  • The work permit is open.


Documents required:

  1. Study permit
  2. CAQ
  3. Proof of relationship to temporary worker (e.g., marriage or birth certificate). Note that a statement on the work permit or visa regarding the relationship, e.g., "accompanied by (spouse or dependent's name)" is acceptable.
  4. Temporary worker's valid work permit issued by Immigration Canada indicating the employer's name and location in Quebec (employment letters are NOT acceptable).


Note regarding self-funded programs: ALL students - regardless of legal status - are charged the same rate of tuition fees. Fee exemptions are therefore not applicable to these specific programs. Please refer to www.mcgill.ca/student-accounts/tuition-fees/tuition-and-fees-tables-and-....

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding submission deadlines

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