Enrolled in certain French courses

Tuition reduction eligibility for certain French course(s) (based on your legal status in Canada).


To be eligible for an exemption from the out-of-province or international tuition supplements for the eligible French course(s) in which you are currently enrolled, you must:

  1. Be attending McGill as an international student (i.e. possess a valid CAQ and Study Permit);
    *Canadian students taking these courses, please click here
  2. Be registered in an eligible French course(s), the comprehensive lists for which are as follows: PDF icon Summer 2024PDF icon Fall 2024PDF icon Winter 2025
  3. Be enrolled on a full-time basis in an eligible Bachelor's, Masters or Doctorate programs. See “Exclusions” below for details regarding programs in which the exemption is not permitted.
    • Note regarding Summer terms during which students are often not registered full-time, one of the following scenarios must apply:
      • You maintain a full-time course-load/registration status for the Summer term; OR
      • You maintain a part-time course-load/registration status in the Summer semester, were registered on a full-time basis in the preceding Winter term, and ALSO maintain a full-time status in the upcoming Fall semester
      • IMPORTANT: If you are initially granted the reduced tuition for your French course(s), and at a later date your registration status changes such that it no longer fits either of the above scenarios, you will be billed the full international fees for your course at that time.

No additional documents are required for students to claim the exemption. The fee system will automatically calculate the credit and reflect the accurate assessment in your fee account. Note that this exemption is only applied to the tuition supplement for the eligible French course in which you are enrolled; your tuition and fees for the balance of your course registration in the term will remain unaltered.

*** Please check the class schedule in Minerva to ensure courses on the list of eligible courses are open for registration.


  • Students who are in programs where the fees are charged on a flat rate basis (such as thesis programs) and who take French courses as part of their program will not benefit from any reduction in fees. Students taking French courses (that are eligible for reduction) that are taken as extra to their program will be charged fees at the Quebec rate as long as they are considered full-time. Students should consult with their department in order to determine if such courses are part of their program or deemed to be extra.
  • Graduate Diploma, Certificate (Graduate or Undergraduate), Special, Visiting and Qualifying students.
  • Students enrolled in such self-funded programs as the following (not an exhaustive list): International Masters Program in Practicing Management, International Masters for Health Leadership, Management International Summer Program, Distance programs in the Certificates in Educational Leadership, Masters of Business Administration, Executive Masters of Business Administration, Graduate Certificate International Leadership in Educational & Administrative Development, Graduate Certification Aviation Leadership, Masters in Management Analytics, Master of Public Policy.

For further details, please visit the Student Accounts website.

*Important: this information is subject to change.

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