Tuition fee exemptions

Exemption from the out of province or international supplement tuition fees is possible for students in the following three categories, as authorized by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES). Note that this information may be subject to change.

French Course Fee Exemptions

For information about tuition reduction eligibility for certain French course(s), please visit the following webpages:

Canadian students: Enrolled in certain French courses (Canadians)

International students: Enrolled in certain French courses (International)

Out-of-province Tuition Supplement Exemptions

Non-Quebec Canadian students in the following categories are exempted from out-of-province tuition supplements:

  • Students in a PhD program.
  • Students in a Post-Graduate Medical Education program: Medical Residents, Clinical Fellows, Clinical Research Fellows, Research Fellows.
  • Students registered full-time in the Masters in French (Maîtrise en français). The exemption begins at the moment the student registers in the program, without retroactive effect.

Complete guidelines and regulations may be found in the document Politique relative aux droits de scolarité exigés des étudiants canadiens non-résidents du Québec par les universités du Québec.

International Students Eligible for Fee exemptions based on legal status in Canada

For information about eligibility for Fee exemptions based on legal status in Canada, please consult the International Fee Exemptions site.

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