Important Message

2020 Student Tax Receipts/Slips are now available on Minerva.


You can find the fee tables for 2021-22 under Tuition and Fees. For information on policies relating to tuition and fees with regards to COVID-19, you can refer to the main COVID-19 Resources page (Tuition or Non-Tuition Fees) and FAQs.

General information

In this section you will find important information about Tuition and Fees, including an overview of recent and upcoming tuition increases that might affect you, and a breakdown of McGill's basic tuition fees based on your residency status. Certain groups of students, such as Graduate Studies students, exchange students, and part-time students, amongst others, will also be given the information they need to determine which fee structure applies to their particular situation. Finally, you will find information about tuition fee exemptions.

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