International organizations

International non-governmental organizations

Students who work for, or who are dependents of individuals employed by one of the international non-governmental organizations outlined in Annexe III of the Politique on the Quebec Ministry of Education website may apply for a tuition exemption. The exemption is only valid for the duration of the employment with the organization.

Documents required:

  1. A signed original attestation carrying the seal of the Protocole du Gouvernement du Québec (Please see pages 5 and 14 of the Politique for an example of this attestation)
  2. The serving representative's diplomatic visa
  3. Proof of kinship to the serving representative (e.g. marriage or birth certificate)


Note regarding self-funded programs: ALL students - regardless of legal status - are charged the same rate of tuition fees. Fee exemptions are therefore not applicable to these specific programs. Please refer to

Note regarding distance programs: ALL students - regardless of legal status - are charged according to their physical location. For complete details, please refer to

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding submission deadlines

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