Tuition and financial aid

Tuition and expenses (CAD): 2021 Entering Class

Tuition $54,990
Tuition waiver for Canadians and Permanent Residents* ($7,515)
Net tuition for Canadians and Permanent Residents $47,475
Expenses (per year; estimated)
Study Trips - Toronto & New York** $1,000
Incidental fees*** $2,000
Health Insurance**** $1,200
Books and supplies $1,600
Apartment rent and food***** $13,800
Public transportation $1,020
Winter clothing (coat, boots, etc.) $600
Expenses (Estimated)  $21,220

*Students who can prove that they qualify for Quebec or Canadian residency are given a fee waiver at the time of registration.

**Estimated costs of travel and accommodation (subsidized by the program)

***Estimated - Includes student services, society fees, computer fees, etc.

****Based on single international student.

*****Based on single student, studying full-time. Estimated 12-month living expenses for a married student and spouse are higher.

Note: Expenses vary greatly with personal requirements and should be calculated on an individual basis.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

MMF students at the Desautels Faculty of Management are considered for scholarships upon acceptance. If you are one of our most outstanding candidates, you may be awarded one of our growing portfolio of scholarships. Successful applicants to the program will be sent further information on the scholarship award process with their offer. Since our admissions are on a rolling base, scholarships will be awarded in the order in which applications are made.

Government loans and bursaries

Many federal and provincial government institutions provide funding for Canadian students:

Private institution credit lines and loans

The Desautels Faculty of Management has an exclusive partnership with Desjardins, Canada's largest financial cooperative group for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. These students can apply for a credit line at the low financing rates Desjardins prime which includes student-specific financial products and services. To learn more about Desjardins’ offer exclusive to Desautels MMF students, please contact your closest Desjardins branch.

Prodigy Finance

Prodigy FinanceProdigy Finance has been revolutionizing student finance with non-cosigner loans, and focuses on funding international students admitted into the world’s top postgraduate business school programmes. Loans are funded by our high-powered network of alumni, entrepreneurs and investors with an interest in your future.  You can begin applying for potential loan that could cover up to 100% of your tuition. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get the latest Covid-19 updates and learn what to expect for McGill’s return to campus this Fall, 2021.

For Desautels specific updates please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page.

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