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  • Concentration Entrepreneurship 

Our MBA Ambassadors are eager to share their perspectives as McGill MBA and PMBA students, and to answer your questions about student life at McGill and in Montreal.

All admissions and application-related queries should be directed to mba [at] (subject: Enquiry%20from%20website) .

MBA (Full-time program)

Thomas Adam

Thomas Adam MBA'21
Edmonton (Canada)
LinkedIn | thomas.adam [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Jean Alberge Riba

Jean Alberge Riba MBA'21
São Paulo (Brazil)
LinkedIn | Ribasjean.ribas [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Saumya Arora

Saumya Arora MBA'21
Pune (India)
LinkedIn | saumya.arora [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Mahsa Bahrololoum

Mahsa Bahrololoum MBA'21
Dubai (UAE)
LinkedIn | Mahsa.Bahrololoum [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Matthew Bartolone

Matthew Bartolone MBA'21
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | matthew.bartolone [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Charpenel Juarez Carlos

Charpenel Juarez Carlos MBA'21
Zapopan (Mexico)
LinkedIn | carlos.charpeneljuarez [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Caio de Oliveira Alves

Caio de Oliveira Alves MBA'21
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
LinkedIn | caio.alves [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Fateh Ghadeer

Fateh Ghadeer MBA'21
Noida (India)
LinkedIn | fateh.ghadeer [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Kelly Gonzalez

Kelly Gonzalez MBA'21
Bogotá (Colombia)
LinkedIn | kelly.gonzalez2 [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Jackie Hudspeth

Jackie Hudspeth MBA'21
Los Angeles (USA)
LinkedIn | jacqueline.hudspeth [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Robert Jicsinszky,

Robert Jicsinszky MBA'21
Budapest (Hungary)
LinkedIn | robert.Jicsinszky [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)


Yuan Chu Zi Lao MBA'21
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | yuan.lao [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Thomas Lee

Junhyub Thomas Lee MBA'21
Seoul (South Korea)
LinkedIn | junhyub.lee [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Diego Luna Pezo

Diego Luna Pezo MBA'21
Cusco (Peru)
LinkedIn | diego.luna [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Jacquelynn Mateluna

Jacquelynn Mateluna MBA'21
Edmonton (Canada)
LinkedIn | Jaquelynn.mateluna [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Gabrielle Maurice

Gabrielle Maurice MBA'21
Toronto (Canada)
LinkedIn | gabrielle.maurice [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Adam Mowrey

Adam Mowrey MBA'21
Ottawa (Canada)
LinkedIn | adam.mowrey [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Melissa Palumbo

Melissa Palumbo MBA'21
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | melissa.palumbo [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Joshua Pardo

Joshua Pardo MBA'21
Lima (Peru)
LinkedIn | joshua.pardo [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Colleen Polese

Colleen Polese MBA'21
Toronto (Canada)
LinkedIn | colleen.polese [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Vladimir Rurukin

Vladimir Rurukin MBA'21
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | vladimir.rurukin [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Pasquale Scalia

Pasquale Scalia MBA'21
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | pasquale.scalia [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Guillermo Simonet

Guillermo Simonet MBA'21
Santiago (Chile)
LinkedIn | guillermo.simonet [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Garima Singh

Garima Singh MBA'21
Gurgaon (India)
LinkedIn | garima.singh [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Ugochukwu Umeano

Ugo Umeano MBA'21
Lagos (Nigeria)
LinkedIn | ugo.umeano [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Nep Vijayaraja

Nep Vijayaraja MBA'21
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | nep.vijayaraja [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Beatriz Villaça

Beatriz Villaça MBA'21
São Paulo (Brazil)
LinkedIn | beatriz.oterorussovillaca [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)


PMBA (Part-time program)

Sanchit Ahirrao

Sanchit Ahirrao MBA'22
Chennai (India)
LinkedIn | sanchit.ahirrao [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Patrick Arnaud

Patrick Arnaud MBA'22
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | patrick.arnaud [at] (subject: McGill%20PMBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Chu Chu

Chu Chu MBA'21
Nanjing (China)
LinkedIn | chu.chu2 [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Fabio Gatti

Fabio Gatti MBA'22
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | fabio.gatti [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Valérie Lacroix

Valérie Lacroix MBA'22
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | valerie.lacroix2 [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Anna Los

Anna Los MBA'22
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | anna.los [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Ramin Mohsenin

Ramin Mohsenin MBA'21
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | ramin.mohsenin [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Enrique Carrasco

Enrique Ramirez Carrasco MBA'21
Guadalajara (Mexico)
LinkedIn | enrique.ramirezcarrasco [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Golfo Siozios

Golfo Siozios MBA'22
Montreal (Canada)
LinkedIn | golfo.siozios [at] (subject: McGill%20MBA%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

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