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The Integrated Management Student Fellowship (IMSF) is an experiential leadership development program designed to help BCom students prepare for impactful and fulfilling careers by developing new skills through research and action projects.

This two-semester, six-credit Fellowship has three synergistic components:
  • A faculty project, whereby Fellows apprentice with one or more Desautels professors to conduct research and/or build partnerships.
  • An impact initiative, whereby Fellows work together in small groups to design and implement a real-world sustainability project.
  • A course that integrates and supports the previous two components by providing structure, tools, and resources to guide Fellows' development.

If you have any questions, please reach out to mdiim.mgmt [at] (subject: Integrated%20Management%20Student%20Fellowship) (IMSF Program Manager).

Delve examines IMSF research

ESG criteria play a large role in a companies’ decision making. Recent research found that an Indigenous perspective on ESG could lead to more inclusive, equitable, and long-term sustainability policies in investment.

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