George S Attar

Desautels Global Expert; Senior Vice President, Strategic Technology Solutions at McKesson Canada



George Attar is Senior Vice President, Strategic Technology Solutions at McKesson Canada. Mr. Attar is responsible for several technology businesses which deliver healthcare technology solutions such as retail pharmacy and hospital pharmacy medication packaging and counting solutions, pharmacy software and technology solutions and services, and claims switching and adjudication solutions in Canada. Over the years, Mr. Attar has had responsibility for IT as CIO, as well as, SVP Strategy/Business Development and Government Affairs.

Prior to joining McKesson Canada in 2003, Mr. Attar served as a partner with Accenture where his 21-year career with the firm gave him significant experience planning, designing, implementing and operating technologies solutions in a variety of industries. Mr. Attar earned his Bachelor of Commerce, with honours from McGill University. He is also Vice Chairman of the board of GS1 Canada, the global standards organization.

Specialization by geographical area: 
Desautels Global Experts
Technology & Innovation