Solving the pandemic puzzle in 2022

In an interview with Radio Canada’s Maxime Coutié, Dr. Joanne Liu (MDCM'91, IMHL'14, DSc'16) outlines several potential challenges and solutions for another year of the COVID-19 pandemic. From Dr. Liu’s perspective, there will only be light at the end of the tunnel when wealthy countries like Canada share the vaccine with the rest of the world.

Published: 11 Jan 2022

A call to revamp disaster response

As the CEO and President of Canadian Red Cross, Conrad Sauve (IMHL’14) has a front-row seat to how climate change continues to wreak havoc through massive floods and extreme droughts. In a new episode of “The Current” podcast, Sauve advocates for a greater emphasis on disaster recovery in addition to emergency responses.

Published: 19 Dec 2021

Former president of Doctors Without Borders joins School of Population and Global Health

Joanne Liu (MDCM’91, IMHL’14, DSc’16) brings decades of experience as a pediatric emergency room physician and former international president of Doctors Without Borders to McGill’s School of Population and Global Health. In her new role as a professor, she will focus on pandemic and health emergencies.

Published: 13 May 2021

IMHL’18 alumnus plays pivotal role in eradicating polio

Mohammed Mohammedi (IMHL’19) has spent the past 25 years fighting to eradicate polio and other deadly diseases in the developing world. Now, as he confronts the complex challenge of eradicating polio in Afghanistan with his team at UNICEF, Mohammedi credits the IMHL program for honing his ability to lead in crisis situations.

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Published: 12 Nov 2020

Delve: Leading Global Health Sustainably—Now and Beyond COVID-19

While the five-phase project management cycle developed by Duncan is, for many, the gold standard, the long-term commitment among recipient populations, health care professionals, and/or governing bodies is not specifically addressed. Thus, Nathalie Duchesne, MD and Eliane Ubalijoro, PhD propose a management and leadership framework that ensures sustainability through the three overarching themes: appreciative inquiry, trust, and culture.

Published: 12 Aug 2020

Protecting our frontline health workers

In an interview with Professor Karl Moore, Dr Joanne Liu (IMHL'14) campaigns for the protection of frontline health workers, emphasizing the need for more personal protective equipment, psychological support, and transparency from government officials.

Published: 28 May 2020

COVID-19 ramps up demand for PPE by up to 17 times

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and ventilators increase by up to seventeen times. Healthcare improvement company Premier CEO Susan DeVore (IMHL’10) joins Yahoo! To talk boosting the PPE supply chain in the U.S.

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Published: 15 May 2020

AI may predict COVID-19 progression on chest x-rays

Dr. Nathalie Duchesne (IMHL’18) and her team reveal how an AI algorithm can predict how COVID-19 cases will progress based on analysis of baseline chest x-rays.

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Published: 14 May 2020

Pandemic is taking a toll on mental health of young adults

A new study conducted on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has left nearly half of young adults in Canada experiencing excessive anxiety and symptoms of depression.

Dr. Paul Hébert (IMHL’20), Special Advisor to the Canadian Red Cross and Professor of Medicine at the University of Montreal, is calling on the public to check in on young adults in their lives.

Published: 7 May 2020

The disconnect between bureaucracy and reality

Dr. Jean-Simon Létourneau (IMHL’21), emergency physician at the Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis, sheds lights on the disconnect between messages from decision-makers and the reality on the ground for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Published: 5 May 2020

IMHL alumna Dr Larente provides urgent care for seniors left behind

When Dr. Nadine Larente (IMHL’13) discovered CHSLD Herron in dire need of help, she called on her family to provide urgent care for the seniors left behind during the midst of the pandemic.

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Published: 24 Apr 2020

IMHL alumna promoted to Director of Professional Services at CIUSSS

Dr. Isabelle Samson (IMHL’18) has been promoted to Director of Professional Services at CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale. Prior to her promotion, Samson served as Deputy Director of Professional Services. She is a committed leader with several years of management experience in addition to maintaining an active practice in family medicine.

Published: 24 Apr 2020

Rural regions are vulnerable, says IMHL participant

With declining resources available to support growing COVID-19 patients, rural regions may be hard hit, says Richard Fleet (IMHL’21). In this article, he proposes four solutions to minimize the impact on regional areas.

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Published: 22 Apr 2020

Pandemic shows health system in need of revival, says IMHL participants

In an article in Le Devoir, Jean-Simon Létourneau (IMHL’21), François de Champlain (IMHL’21), Richard Fleet (IMHL’21) and Joanne Liu (IMHL’14) reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the healthcare system and suggest measures to better prepare for the next one.

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Published: 17 Apr 2020

IMHL alumna suggests steps to limit COVID-19 impact

As the former international president of Médecins Sans Frontières, Joanne Liu (MDCM'91, IMHL'14, DSc'16) is familiar with the full force of epidemics. In this article in The Globe and Mail, Liu proposes immediate actions that Canada can take to limit the impact of COVID-19.

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Published: 9 Apr 2020


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