Talking about the freedom to study what we want to study

Published: 24 September 2012

Nathalie Cooke, Associate Provost (Academic Staff and Priority Initiatives), has worked with a committee of McGill faculty members and student representatives to organize McGill’s Academic Freedom Conference being held on the evening of Thursday, Sept. 27, and the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 28. She sat down with The Reporter to discuss the issues the conference will address and outlined how McGill’s conference is different than others held this year in Canada. For more information on the Conference, go to here.

… McGill has a wide and deep network of collaborators that includes institutions abroad. Each of the Faculties has worked in partnerships with programs abroad. Arts, for example, had a CIDA-funded project in Indonesia; Management offers an MBA in Japan. So collaborations function at the level of individual faculty members, but they also function at the level of the Faculties, which deliver their programs in collaboration with other institutions. We are, that is, on a very practical basis, already partnering with other institutions abroad.

Read full article: McGill Reporter, September 21, 2012


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