The Status of mHealth in the Hospital Setting


Published: 2Aug2013

So we’re all going to have mHealth, it seems. A major March 2012 report by consultancy PwC and representatives of the global mobile operator industry predicted the worldwide mhealth market is expected to reach $23 billion (EUR 18 billion approximately) by 2017, with Europe the biggest sector ahead of Asia Pacific. Meanwhile, one supplier estimated to us that there are at least 12,000 ‘health’ mobile apps on the Apple iTunes store already.

... It turns out that any telehealth system of any size has huge practical obstacles to overcome. These obstacles are not really technical any longer, either. Thus Yeona Jang, Professor of the International Masters for Health Leadership at the Desautels Faculty of Management in Canada, believes that the kind of healthcare via tablet and broadband people like Kroes envisage still lies in the future.

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