Professor Gagnon Ranks Second in Annual Grants Competition of the Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture


Published: 16May2014

Professor Suzanne Gagnon’s grant proposal entitled, “Revitalizing organizational diversity: Towards new knowledge of inclusive practices and why they work,” was ranked second of applications across all disciplines in the 2014 competition by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture, Établissement de nouveaux professeurs-chercheurs. The study, which received funding for three years, addresses several gaps in current research.

First, critique has been important in research on diversity and inequality, but does not always identify effective practices. In contrast, this study adopts a practice-orientation to develop findings that result in transferrable knowledge. Second, solutions to date are fragmented and have mixed results, for example diversity training. More research is needed to examine how and when cross-cutting processes and actions in organizations create equity and inclusion. Third, inclusion has most often been studied at the individual level, e.g. focused on individuals’ need to belong. While useful, this approach may have limited scope to inform change. Prof Gagnon’s research integrates levels of analysis. The project will use case study research in a number of organizations. 

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