Professor Faraj awarded six research recognitions


Published: 14Sep2018

Over summer 2018, Professor Samer Faraj received six recognitions for the excellence of his completed and forthcoming research.

In recognition of his published research with students and collaborators, Professor Faraj was presented with the following:

• France-wide FNEGE 2018 Prix académique de la Recherche en Management for: Kudaravalli, S., Faraj, S., Johnson, S. (2017) “A Configural Approach to Coordinating Expertise in Software Development Teams” in MIS Quarterly;

• Best Theory to Practice Paper Award at the 2018 Academy of Management (AOM) Conference from the Health Care Management Division for research with PhD student Carla Sayegh;

• Best Conference Paper at the 2018 Academy of Management (AOM) OCIS division for: “Who Contributes Knowledge? Embeddedness and Marginality in Online Communities” with Hani Safadi and Steven Johnson.

In addition, the two following papers that he co-authored either won or was the runner up for the Best Student Paper Award at the Organizational Behavior and Health Care (OBHC) 2018 Conference:

• Best Student Paper at the 2018 Organizational Behavior and Health Care (OBHC) Conference, co-authored with Desautels PhD student Karla Sayegh for: “Wait, the Baby Could Die! Integrating Expertise Differences in a Hospital Merger,” Montreal, Canada.

• Runner up for Best Student Paper at the 2018 Organizational Behavior and Health Care (OBHC) Conference with (U. Cambridge) student Stavros PolyKarpou and Michael Barrett for: "Pebble in Still Water: How Implementing 3D Printing Reconfigures Boundary Relations," Montreal, Canada.

Finally, in support of his forthcoming work, Professor Faraj was awarded a 2018 Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grant for, “Coordinating Expertise Across Organizational and Disciplinary Boundaries.” The four-year grant valued at $320,815 will allow him and his PhD students to continue their research on healthcare coordination issues within and across hospitals in Montreal.

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