Learning the legal and corporate realities of sustainability

Published: 17 October 2012

For many people, sustainability in business is an afterthought. Not for me. Over the last two years, I have spent my time at McGill University’s law faculty where my passion for sustainability has grown tremendously. Taking courses on environmental law and business law was an eye-opening experience. Often enough, the law responded too slowly to sustainability issues yet business had the capacity and resources to act immediately.

That finding brought me to the conclusion that I needed to gain more business knowledge to understand what or who motivates businesses to be more environmentally conscious? How do they make decisions to change their activities to respond to the constraints of the environment? How can they be more accountable towards society? And so, I decided to pursue my MBA as part of a joint management and law program offered by McGill.

-Article by Shobhita Soor, current MBA/Law student, MDIIM Student Associate

Read full article: Financial Post, October 12, 2012


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