Delve: How Banks and Institutional Investment Funds Are Driving the Road to Net-Zero

Published: 5 January 2023

One of the biggest challenges today for financial institutions is how to meet net-zero climate targets while achieving high returns on investment and satisfying the needs of various stakeholders....

Clothing repairs and thrifting can help reduce the environmental footprint of the clothing you wear

Published: 21 December 2022

Clothing companies used to offer just a few collections each year. Today, fast fashion companies like H&M or Zara offer dozens. One way they accomplish this is by reducing the quality of their...

Eco-fashion brand Ecova tells the stories behind its green initiatives

Published: 21 December 2022

Positive storytelling can encourage consumers to make better, more eco-conscious choices. That’s the vision the Stephanie Beaulieu (MBA’22) shared with Karl Moore in an article for

Delve: Why Environmental, Social, and Governance Investment Standards Need an Indigenous Perspective

Published: 16 December 2022

In the high-stakes realm of finance and investment, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria play a larger role than ever in companies’ decision making and commitment to creating shared...

Circular economy can help mitigate environmental impact of frenzied Black Friday shopping

Published: 2 December 2022

Black Friday offers cut-rate deals, but low prices can come with a high environmental cost. If shoppers don’t make choices wisely, their purchases could end up in the landfill.

Desautels ranked among world’s top 40 most sustainable MBAs by Corporate Knights

Published: 2 December 2022

The Desautels Faculty of Management ranked among the 40 most sustainable MBAs in the world in 2022. The Better World ranking is conducted by Corporate Knights and considers criteria like...

Official launch of the Laidley Centre for Business Ethics

Published: 23 November 2022

On November 14, the Laidley Centre for Business Ethics hosted students, faculty, staff, donors, alumni and friends of McGill Desautels for the official launch of the Centre....

Delve: Scale Deep Not Up for Sustainable Local Entrepreneurship, with Anna Kim and Suntae Kim

Published: 24 November 2022

How would definitions of business growth and success change if entrepreneurship ventures decided that instead of scaling up, they would “scale deep”? While scaling up allows an organization to...

Laidley Centre for Business Ethics will help foster ethical leaders for the challenges of the future

21 Nov 2022

Elizabeth Holmes sold investors on a vision of a machine that could run hundreds of blood tests with a single drop of blood. It is a tantalizing dream that would have revolutionized health care,...


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