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Professor Holmgren awarded 2021 SSHRC Insight Grant

Published: 22Jul2021

Lindsay Holmgren, Associate Professor of Strategy & Organization, awarded 2021 SSHRC Insight Grant

Professors Etzion, Animesh and Luederitz awarded SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

Published: 22Jul2021

Dror Etzion, Animesh Animesh and Christopher Luederitz awarded SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

Chef entrepreneurs hold the ingredients for success

Published: 6Jul2021

Keeping a restaurant alive during a pandemic requires a high degree of creativity and tenacity. Antonio Park, the founder and owner of Montreal restaurant Park, sits down with Professor Karl Moore...

The value of ambiversion

Published: 6Jul2021

Amidst the ongoing debate on the value of introversion versus extroversion in leadership, a growing body of literature suggests the extrovert and introvert labels do more harm than good, portraying...

Entrepreneurial spirit fuels economic growth in Quebec

Published: 6Jul2021

In the decades following the Quiet Revolution, Quebec saw the rise of “Quebec inc.,” a new category of francophone owners and companies who were determined to make a mark in a largely anglophone...

Robert Nason, Associate Professor of Strategy & Organization, awarded William Dawson Scholar

Published: 16Jun2021

Professor Robert Nason’s research program centers on entrepreneurship and inequality. While flashy startups dominate headlines, the reality is that most of the rich are entrepreneurs and most...

Ready for takeoff

Published: 10Jun2021

With the dip in domestic air travel as a result of the pandemic, pilot David Morgan redefined the flight experience by launching AxAir Aviation, a charter plane service for local business and...

Timing is everything

Published: 10Jun2021

Branding and marketing initiatives across industries rely heavily on trend-spotters like Laura Saunter, who predicted millennials’ obsession with pink several years ago. Professor Karl Moore...


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