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Thesis Defense Presentation: Johnny Boghossian


  Mr. Johnny Boghossian, a doctoral student at McGill University in the Strategy & Organization area will be presenting his thesis defence entitled:

Three tips for introverted leaders

Published: 18Jul2019

Professor Karl Moore explores the dimensions of introverted leadership and provides three key tips to enhance their interactions with extroverted members in their workplace....

Air Canada and Transat A.T., a match made in heaven?

Published: 15Jul2019

Canadian travelers deal with some of the world’s highest airfares per kilometre, and the likely merger of two Montreal-based carriers ― Air Canada and Transat A.T. ― could make things worse....

Opaque transparency: How material affordances shape intermediary work

Published: 17Jul2019

Authors: Miron Avidan, Dror Etzion and Joel Gehman Publication: Regulation and Governance, Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 197 - 219, June 2019 Abstract: 

Management for sustainability

Published: 17Jul2019

Authors: Dror Etzion Publication: Nature Sustainability, Volume 1, Issue 12, Pages 744 -749, December 2018 Abstract: 

Corey Phelps on the problem-solving toolkit

Published: 16Jul2019

Listen to the latest podcast featuring Professor Corey Phelps as he shares the inspiration behind his book Cracked It! and the vital importance of effective problem solving – for organizations and...

Bombardier job cuts: Tough but predicted

Published: 15Jul2019

Bombardier’s plan to reduce the number of workers at its rail car plant in Thunder Bay comes as no surprise to industry watchers, such as Professor Karl Moore who cites low Canadian demand as a...

Bombardier layoffs at Thunder Bay

Published: 10Jul2019

As news breaks that Bombardier plans to cut hundreds of jobs at its Thunder Bay plant, Professor Karl Moore comments on the company’s strategic decision. Read more