McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC)

Three tips for going green

Published: 24Feb2022

On a recent segment of CTV News Montreal, Professor Sebastien Betermier shared three key takeaways from the 5th annual McGill International Portfolio Competition, an event designed to help guide...

McGill students spearhead hybrid MIPC

Published: 30Nov2021

A dedicated group of McGill students successfully planned the first hybrid iteration of the annual McGill International Portfolio Challenge....

Delve: Why Ultra-Low Yields Don’t Mean the End of Sustainable Pension Funds

Published: 26Nov2021

Retirement systems around the world, from public pension plans to private funds, are weathering a storm of ultra-low bond yields that threaten not only adequate returns for pensioners but the...

Can university pension plans help tackle climate change?

Published: 6Jan2020

In November 2019, teams in the McGill International Portfolio Challenge were asked to provide a solution for a fictional pension fund reassessing its investments in the interest of climate action....

Students forging the path to sustainability

Published: 13Dec2019

At the recent McGill International Portfolio Challenge, students once again demonstrated that they are leading the march to sustainability. Asked to consider the options of a pension fund under...

MIPC brings students together to tackle sustainable investing

Published: 25Nov2019

With a focus on the sustainable investment of public pension funds, this year’s McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC) demonstrated students’ ability to realistically solve a key issue...

MIPC winners prepare to present ideas to Dutch pension funds

Published: 19Dec2021

Students from the Copenhagen Business School took home the $25,000 first prize of the fifth annual McGill International Portfolio Challenge (MIPC) this November. According to Professor Sebastien...

Desautels inaugurates world’s first pension portfolio challenge

Published: 3Nov2017

This weekend, twenty-five student teams from Berkeley, Chicago, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Geneva, amongst others will participate in the final round of the McGill International Portfolio Challenge....

Risk and return at the fifth annual MIPC

Published: 15Nov2021

To kick off the fifth edition of the McGill International Portfolio Challenge, Professor Sebastien Betermier moderated a Delve Integrated Management symposium powered by Global Risk Institute in...


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