Reconstruire à l’heure de l’entrepreneuriat social

Published: 4 July 2014

Au cœur du centre-ville ravagé de Lac-Mégantic, créer une résidence pour développer et porter des projets d’entreprise. Voilà le plan que trois étudiants de l’Université McGill — Cécile Branco-Côté...

McGill student Bernard D'Arche, on helping to rebuild Lac Megantic

Published: 4 July 2014

Bernard d’Arche, McGill Student [and one of the winners of the Dobson Cup], who came up with a unique idea to help rebuild Lac Megantic. Listen: Tommy Schnurmacher Show

Entrepreneurs and big dreams shine at Montreal Startup Festival

Published: 15 July 2014

Montrealer Michael Moszberg was studying abroad and in the market for a gym, but didn’t want to make the commitment to a membership.

Adam B. Coape-Arnold: Artisantrepreneur

Published: 31 July 2014

Adam B. Coape-Arnold came to McGill’s School of Continuing Studies the day before classes started for the Fall 2013 semester in order to see what the School offered.

Mégantic : se réinventer, après la crise

Published: 9 September 2014

J’ai participé à la quatrième et dernière étape de la Tournée des entrepreneurs, hier, à Lac-Mégantic. Journée très différente de celle de Gaspé qui a rassemblé des entrepreneurs de Mégantic, mais...

McGill Dobson Centre and MIF support innovation and entrepreneurship

Published: 21 November 2022

The McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship helps startups launch their innovative ideas and, along with the Office of Innovation and Partnerships (I+P)'s McGill Innovation Fund (MIF), supports...

FemTherapeutics applies AI to an unmet need in women’s health

Published: 4 October 2022

Vaginal prosthetics known as pessaries are a critical tool for the maintenance of pelvic health in women. They are used as a first-line treatment for pelvic organ prolapse, a common condition that...

Selling textbooks without the hassle of the haggle

Published: 18 January 2017

As the new semester rolls in, so does a new textbook-exchanging app. Venndor, founded by recent McGill graduates Anthony Heinrich, Julien Marlatt and Tynan Davis, is a classifieds app with the goal...

Taiga solidifies head start in race to produce off-road electric vehicles

Published: 3 June 2021

Taiga Motors Corporation, formerly Canaccord Genuity Growth II Corp., recently announced completion of the Qualifying Transaction, solidifying its status as a leading publicly-traded manufacturer...


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