Kai Zhu

Delve: Can Wikipedia Fix Its Information Inequality Problem?

Published: 13Jan2022

Wikipedia has revolutionized the way that knowledge is produced and dramatically increased access to information. A closer look at the 300,000 active editors who contribute to Wikipedia’s millions...

Professor Zhu's paper wins 2021 Wikimedia Foundation Research Award of the Year

Published: 3May2021

Congratulations to Kai Zhu, Assistant Professor in Information Systems, whose paper won the 2021 Wikimedia Foundation Research Award of the Year.

Content Growth and Attention Contagion in Information Networks: Addressing Information Poverty on Wikipedia

Published: 6May2021

Authors: Kai Zhu, Dylan Walker and Lev Muchnik Publication: Information Systems Research, Volume 32, Issue 2, June 2020, Pages 491-509.

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