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Countries with high debt and a reliance on imports could face tough times

Published: 25Aug2022

Sri Lanka is facing down a liquidity crisis. It has $50 billion in debt to foreign creditors, but no foreign currency reserves. The country foreign currency was depleted when pandemic-related...

Higher interest rates are already packing a punch

Published: 2Aug2022

Payments on variable rate mortgages have gone up, and house prices have gone down. We are already seeing the impact of higher interest rates, and we are not done yet, according to Prof. Sebastien...

Canada’s largest pension plans are driving green development through real estate investments

Published: 11May2022

The skyscrapers of Toronto’s financial district house Canada’s largest banks, and some of its most successful companies. The buildings themselves are largely owned by Canada’s largest pension funds...

Investors anticipate low-carbon economy

Published: 19Jan2021

As the renewable energy sector grows in leaps and bounds; pension funds, banks, investment companies, and insurance companies are waking up to the risk of devaluation in fossil fuel investments.

Reaching for yield or resiliency? Explaining the shift in Canadian pension plan portfolios

Published: 8Sep2021

Authors: Sébastien Betermier, Nicholas Byrne, Jean-Sébastien Fontaine, Hayden Ford, Jason Ho, Chelsea Mitchell Publication: Bank of Canada, Staff Analytical Note 2021-20, August 2021

FIRM Labs seeks to make AI tools more accessible to individual investors

Published: 12Jul2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the way the way that equities are managed – but it has mostly been used by institutions. Prof. Ruslan Goyenko wants to change that. Goyenko is the...

Persistent inflation could contribute to a recession, but there are steps that can take to ease the pain

Published: 6Jul2022

The recovery from the pandemic created strong demand for products and services, but supply remained weak as a result of supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, and the rising cost of food and...

More efficient capital management could help pension funds strained by longer life expectancy

Published: 22Jun2022

Canadians are living longer than ever. Life expectancy at retirement has increased by about four years since 1980. This creates a cash crunch for pension funds. Increasing current plan members...

Prof. Betermier lands new role as Director of ICPM

Published: 8Jun2022

Sebastien Betermier, Associate Professor of Finance and Finance Area Coordinator at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University has been appointed as the new Executive Director of The...


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