McGill Management Insights: The Mentee Mindset with Ruchy Khurana (BA’02, MBA’06)

Ruchy Khurana So you’re looking for a mentor. A mentor is something every professional will have or want to have at some point in their career, but how do you find one? What does that relationship look like and how can one make sure they’re making the most of their mentor-mentee relationship?

McGill Desautels alumna Ruchy Khurana (BA’02, MBA’06) has spent a lot of time considering the mentor-mentee relationship and the mentee mindset. According to Khurana, there’s no one way to find a mentor.

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Mentorship can take many forms, and sometimes your mentor won’t even know they’re your mentor at all.

Khurana also believes it’s important to keep it realistic when it comes to finding a mentor. You aren’t likely to land the CEO of Google as your mentor and you probably wouldn’t want to anyways. Look for mentors whose current roles or responsibilities resemble where you’d like to be in five or ten years who can coach you on how to get to that level.

Tune in as Khurana shares these insights and more with undergraduate student Manisha Saha in this first episode of McGill Management Insights. Hosted by current students, this podcast explores everything from the value of mentorship to the four-day work week, leaning on the expertise of leaders in the business community.

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