A podcast out of the McGill Desautels Faculty of Management that covers all things business with the help of our expert alumni.

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Ever wondered how to find a mentor or how your favourite hockey team is run behind the scenes? Current McGill Desautels students sit down with alumni from our programs to unpack it all in a friendly interview format.

McGill Management Insights: Navigating Office Politics with Sara Knapp (BCom’89)

18 Jun 2024

Starting that first new job right out of university can be intimidating enough as it is, but throw office politics into the mix and it can become even more difficult to adjust.

McGill Management Insights: Leveraging AI and New Technologies with George Attar (BCom’82)

4 Jun 2024

With the rise of new technologies like generative AI and an increasing need for businesses to adapt quickly and develop solutions to meet pressing business needs, it’s important to consider how and...

McGill Management Insights: Building a Career in Professional Sports with Jerome Burke (BCom’08)

21 May 2024

As the Florida Panthers set their sights on the Eastern Conference Final of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a whole team of staff works behind the scenes making the magic you see on the ice game after...

McGill Management Insights: Design Thinking 101 with Jared Lee (MBA’18)

7 May 2024

In the bustling corridors of corporate boardrooms, where spreadsheets and PowerPoint decks reign supreme, there exists a secret weapon—a creative force that breathes life into innovation. Welcome...

McGill Management Insights: Using Your Career to Make a Difference with Aliénor Armand-Linot (MBA’17)

23 Apr 2024

In this episode of McGill Management Insights, host and MBA student Camila Sabogal Cuadros is joined by McGill MBA alumna Aliénor Armand-Linot (MBA’17).

McGill Management Insights: The Intersection of Mining and Finance with Chris Adams (BCom’90)

4 Apr 2024

Mining and metals are the building blocks of the technology we rely on, of the vehicles and public transit that get us places, of the buildings where we live and work and of the green technologies...

McGill Management Insights: Promoting Social-Class Diversity in B-Schools and in Boardrooms with Sema Burney (BCom’97, MBA’02)

26 Mar 2024

When we talk about diversity in candidate selection, our attention often centers on ethnicity, gender, or orientation. This episode brings attention to a vital yet often overlooked aspect: social...

McGill Management Insights: Upholding Your Values Through Your Business with Geneviève Brousseau-Provencher (BCom’10)

13 Mar 2024

What started off as a way for Geneviève Brousseau-Provencher (BCom’10) and her partner to get enough fruits and vegetables while juggling a busy schedule soon became a business opportunity as they...

McGill Management Insights: The Mentee Mindset with Ruchy Khurana (BA’02, MBA’06)

22 Feb 2024

So you’re looking for a mentor. A mentor is something every professional will have or want to have at some point in their career, but how do you find one? What does that relationship look like and...


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