Why McGill Desautels for your graduate business degree?

Explore what you learn, who you learn it from and who you learn it with.

Whether you are looking to begin an MBA or delve deeper into the world of finance, retail or analytics, when considering a graduate degree there are four main things to look at: what you learn, who you learn it from, who you learn it with, and who else has learned it. In other words, the curriculum, the faculty, your classmates, and the alumni.

McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management has something for everyone. Our MBA program offers various specializations allowing students to learn valuable technical skills and gain a competitive edge when entering the job market. Our specialized masters of management in analytics, finance or retail offer an opportunity to gain real-world experience through experiential learning components, including internships at reputable organizations and consulting projects with partner firms. Then there are international study trips, where classes visit a prominent city to meet with policymakers and business leaders about local opportunities. On top of this, we continue to strengthen ties with the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship, where our students can receive mentorship and guidance on bringing ideas to market.

“What attracted me to in the end choose McGill, is I knew that if I came to Desautels I’d be surrounded by some of the smartest people in the world,” says MBA student Vivianne Yao, President of the Desautels Graduate Students’ Society.

When our graduates are ready to enter the job market, they benefit from the well-regarded McGill brand among employers. In all our masters' programs, the emphasis is on marrying specific technical skills that employers are looking for with the kind of general business training that helps graduates translate what they learned in the classroom into business practices. We also maintain smaller cohorts, enabling our students to form long-lasting bonds with one another throughout their professional lives.

“At McGill Desautels you learn from the professors, the courses, but you learn a lot from your classmates as well. Our students come with great diverse backgrounds, and I have had the opportunity to learn many things,” says MBA student Ilias Xerovasilas, VP Internal of the Desautels Graduate Students’ Society.

These strong relationships continue long after graduation and feed into our exceptional network of alumni. Alumni of all our masters’ programs frequently cite the connections they make during the programs, as well as the personalized attention they get from the program staff. Our size allows us to concentrate on students’ specific career goals and offer tailored support.

The professors are very willing to help out wherever needed. They were always willing to have us ask them questions, whether it be during office hours or after class. I think because the material was so different than what I learned in my undergraduate degree, it was very helpful to have professors that are so open and honest and willing to help,” explains Thara Dawoodjee, 2020 graduate of the Master of Management in Analytics and Data Analyst at e-commerce retailer, Golf Avenue.

On top of all of the competitive advantages and special attention is given to our students and their needs, McGill University is situated in the heart of Montreal, a blossoming artificial intelligence hub with a vibrant cultural landscape. With that in mind, we invite you to join our growing network of innovative leaders around the world.


Article written by Ireland Compton


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