DesautelsConnect has helped me stay in touch with the Desautels community

We know that networking is crucial to career growth, and that university plays a key role in forming professional relationships. But it can be challenging for students to get in touch with alumni working in their field, and vice versa. Thankfully, DesautelsConnect simplifies the networking process by making it easy for members of the #DesautelsFamily – students, alumni, staff, and faculty – to connect with one another.

Since graduating from Desautels, Muriele Colimon (BCom’14) has proactively kept in touch with the Desautels community. One of the ways she has done this is by using DesautelsConnect, the Faculty’s exclusive networking hub powered by Ten Thousand Coffees and supported by RBC Future Launch.

Muriele shares with us her experience of meeting relevant alumni in her field and staying connected with the #Desautelsfamily through DesautelsConnect.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Muriele Colimon My name is Muriele Colimon and I graduated from the Desautels Faculty of Management with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2014. I am originally from Haiti and immigrated to Canada when I was 12 years old. I am currently an Assistant Branch Manager at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). I enjoy this role because it allows me to nurture people and coach them to reach their full potential. I am hoping to pursue my career in the finance industry, as I am passionate about investment and am working towards getting my financial planner designation.

What inspired you to use DesautelsConnect?

After graduating, I lost contact with the McGill community. Having been a student, I understand the turmoil they can experience after graduation, and I thought DesautelsConnect was a good way to give back to the community while also connecting with other alumni. This platform helps bring students and alumni together, which is why I hope to continue to meet and encourage students, in addition to meeting other alumni and expanding my network.

What have been some of your experiences on the platform?

I was pleasantly surprised by the level of engagement on the platform. One of the students I connected with was on exchange in China. I sent him an invitation to meet and he replied right away. Since he was not in Montreal, we scheduled a phone call. Unfortunately, we kept on missing each other due to external circumstances, but I will definitely try to meet with him once he’s back in Montreal.

What surprised you about the coffee chats you’ve been on?

I realized that it’s all about the learning experience. The finance industry is vast, so it’s refreshing to meet people who bring different perspectives and knowledge.

How has DesautelsConnect helped you move further towards your career goals?

I have been working in the banking industry for five years now. The finance sector is constantly changing and as an employee I have to remain vigilant and prompt. DesautelsConnect allows me to meet relevant alumni in my field and expand my professional knowledge.

What advice would you give to someone who is new to the platform and wants to develop their networking skills?

I would definitely suggest reaching out to the people you are introduced to on the platform. DesautelsConnect provides you with a great opportunity to strengthen your network, build your confidence, and develop long lasting relationships. The students and alumni that you connect with on the platform are open and willing to share their experiences with you.

How does DesautelsConnect work?

  1. You’ll receive a monthly introduction to a student or fellow alumni based on your career interests and goals.
  2. Suggest a time to chat, in-person at a coffee shop or online from the comfort of your home, to share your advice and experience.
  3. Once you join, all introductions are sent directly to your inbox so you don’t need to use another tool!

How do I join?

  1. Go to:
  2. You will be placed into an approval queue to be reviewed by the hub administrators.
  3. Respond to an Invitation when you are matched with another DesautelsConnect member.
  4. Tell us about your successful coffee chats. You could be featured in our news feeds & our social media channels.

Ten Thousand Coffees and RBC Future Launch

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