Take time to appreciate the richness of the education

David Orloff | BCom Class of 2016

Looking back at my time in both undergrad and graduate school at Desautels, I now realize how big of a part it played in my life.

I know that, professionally, I wouldn't be in the job I love now if it weren't for the McGill professors, alumni network and fellow classmates of mine.

More importantly, I wouldn't have the lifelong friends I have now without this institution. Coming into the program, I was nervous not really knowing many people. Fast forward several years later, graduating in 2016 and, even as I'm writing this in 2020, I can say that the deepest and most cherished friendships I have come from my time at McGill.

I am truly Made by McGill. I really encourage those starting at Desautels or those who have already started in the program to take time to appreciate the richness of the education and your amazingly diverse group of classmates. These will be future leaders of our community as well as friends forever.

The picture I chose to share reflects the words I’ve just spoken. I was lucky to meet these three friends during my undergrad degree. We laugh together, push each other professionally, and would never have become friends had it not been for McGill.

I will always feel honoured being a part of the #Desautelsfamily.

Congratulations on 100 years!

David Orloff
BCom Class of 2016

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Updated: 2020/03/26

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