Departments, schools, institutes, and units


The humanities and social science disciplines that constitute the Faculty of Arts share a common endeavor: to understand the human condition in order to improve it. This objective unites all the Faculty's teaching and research activities: from philosophical reflections on the nature of justice to the theory and practice of second language acquisition; from the study of ancient and modern literature and culture to sophisticated measurement of social phenomena; and from the study of modern media to contemporary debates about economic, social and health policy.

The social sciences and humanities are the soul of the University. Education in the Faculty of Arts, both undergraduate and graduate, gives students the tools to understand their world and to make it better.

Interdisciplinary programs

The scope of programs and options available in the Faculty of Arts means that students who are interested in traditional disciplines as well as those who are attracted to interdisciplinary work feel equally at home. The Faculty looks for students with superior academic ability and whose social and cultural vigour promises to make a significant contribution to the university and to the McGill liberal arts tradition.

Over the past decade the Faculty has added an unprecedented number of new professors. These include recent graduates of the world's best universities and established scholars with outstanding records of achievement. These new members of the Faculty have heightened the considerable level of intellectual energy and dynamism that already exists among the teachers and scholars they have joined.

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