The Faculty of Arts is a research-intensive faculty at the forefront of scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, public policy, information sciences, social work and religious studies, among many other areas. In both our teaching and research, the Faculty is also a leader in addressing McGill’s 52 Calls to Action arising from the Task Force on Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education, Action Plan to Address Anti-Black Racism, and EDI Strategic Plan.


Research Spotlight - At a Glance


15 Canada Research Chairs
1 Canada 150 Research Chair
2 Tomlinson Research Chairs
15 William Dawson Scholars
14 Fully-endowed Research Chairs
21 Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada
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Discover research across our Faculty through our Publications Spotlight series

The relevance and impact of our research extends into our teaching and public engagement; in the programming at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, the Cundill Prize in History, and activities connected to the Institute for the Study of International Development and the Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, initiatives like CICADA and ISCEI, as well as in the Arts Internship Program that offers global experiential and research-based learning opportunities for students.

Above, in the stories about research by our professors, you will find snapshots of the exciting work in our Faculty.

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