The Faculty of Arts is a research-intensive faculty on the forefront of scholarship and understanding in the humanities, social sciences, information sciences, religious studies, social work, and public policy. Our faculty members are world-renowned for their innovative research and teaching, which they share with future generations of thought leaders and innovators.

Our faculty have seen great success with grants from agencies on the provincial and federal levels including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC), the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Canadian Research Chairs (CRC) program, and foundations like the Mellon FoundationWe have had 43 faculty members elected to the Royal Society of Canada, and several others win Killam PrizesKillam Research Fellowships, Canada Prizes, Human Rights Awards and Order of Canada awards, as well as numerous books prizes and other regional and international awards. 

Our researchers work with communities, universities, governments, industry and other organizations around the world to improve the quality of life and help tackle social, economic, and environmental issues faced by all of us.

Awards & Grants


As a postdoctorate in the Faculty of Arts, you have the unique opportunity to apply for competitive fellowships to fund your research.

The Canada Research Chairs Program attracts the best talent from Canada and across the world, and helps our universities to achieve research excellence in a wide variety of fields.

The James McGill Professor award recognizes a senior scholar’s status as an outstanding and original researcher of world-class caliber and an international leader in his or her field. 

The William Dawson Scholar award recognizes a scholar developing into an outstanding and original researcher of world-class caliber who is poised to become a leader in his or her field.

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