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Office of the Dean

Dawson Hall, 2nd Floor
853 Sherbrooke St. West

Office of the Dean Role Contact

Lisa Shapiro
Dawson Hall, 207

Information about the Dean of Arts

Dean of Arts dean.arts [at] (Email )
Sandra Lauzon
Dawson Hall, 2nd floor
Assistant to the Dean T: 514-398-4212
dean.arts [at] (Email)

Michael Fronda
Associate Professor, History and Classical Studies
Dawson Hall, 308


The Associate Dean, Academic oversees and manages teaching programs and space planning in the Faculty:

  • Management of the allocation of physical space for the Faculty, working closely with Campus Space and Planning, Teaching and Learning Services and Facilities Management
  • Curriculum development, management and approvals; Chair of Curriculum Screening Committee and Curriculum Committee
  • Developing inter-Faculty partnerships and programs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Works closely with the Director of Administration on streamlining administrative structures within and across departments and other units Ensuring Faculty participation in the management of the Humanities and Social Sciences library collections
  • Management and development of summer school offerings for the Faculty

Associate Dean, Academic

T: 514-398-4428
F: 514-398-5861
michael.fronda [at] (Email)

Michael Blome-Tillman
Associate Professor, Research
Dawson Hall, 309


The Associate Dean, Research oversees and facilitates research activities within the Faculty of Arts and promotes a culture of innovation and collaboration with professors, researchers, and administrators to enhance the Faculty’s research profile.

  • Research Strategy Development:
    • Development and implementation of a strategic research plan aligned with the university's mission and goals.
    • Identification of emerging research trends and opportunities
  • Faculty support and development:
    • Guidance and mentorship to faculty members in matters related to research, including grant writing and project management.
    • Fostering a supportive research environment by promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and networking.
    • Identification of necessary research infrastructure and investments.
  • Research Funding:
    • Management of research budgets and allocation of resources.
    • Establishment of criteria and principled procedures for the allocation of funds and research positions.

Department Profile

Associate Dean, Research  michael.blome [at] (Email)

Jason Opal
Professor, History and Classical Studies
213 Dawson Hall


  • Oversees all PhD and MA degrees in the Faculty of Arts, including admissions processes, graduate student programs and training, support and training for all Graduate Program Directors, and exploration of new research techniques and trajectories for advanced students
  • Oversees and allocates funding packages granted by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) to each graduate program in the Faculty of Arts
  • Oversees and implements Faculty and University policies, rules, and regulations relating to graduate students
  • Sits on University committees related to graduate studies, including the Council of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and liases with graduate student leaders and groups including PGSS representatives
  • Manages applications and entries of postdoctoral fellows and visiting and inter-university transfer students at graduate level
  • Oversees applications for McCall McBain Awards
  • Liases with Arts Curriculum Committee regarding program changes
  • Liases with Dean of Students and GPS on disciplinary issues regarding graduate students
  • Manages and oversees supervisory relationships between professors and graduate students in the Faculty of Arts
Associate Dean, Graduate Affairs jason.opal [at] (Email)

Manuel Balán
Associate Professor,
Department of Political Science
Institute for the Study of International Development
Dawson Hall, 306


The Associate Dean for Student Affairs oversees and manages all undergraduate student matters in the Faculty:

  • Oversight of Arts OASIS, whose mandate includes providing advice and support to students regarding their academic path
  • Disciplinary officer for the Faculty of Arts
  • Chair of Committee on Student Affairs and Scholarship Committee
  • Manage study away and exchange programs for the Faculty of Arts
  • Oversight of Faculty Responsibilities to admissions and readmissions
  • Representing Faculty of Arts on University committees pertaining to undergraduate student affairs

Department Profile

Associate Dean, Student Affairs T: 514.398.4400,
ext 09557
manuel.balan [at] (Email)

Terri Givens
Professor, Political Science
Leacock 317


The Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, supports EDI initiatives within the Faculty of Arts, including co-chairing the Arts ad hoc Committee on EDI.

  • Arts representative on University EDI committees, including University Leadership Council on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Faculty ABR and Indigenous Initiatives Council (EDIC);
  • Works with the Dean to support Indigenous initiatives anchored in Arts;
  • Sitting on the ISCEI Advisory Committee;
  • Serving as Academic Director of the Culver Centre for Social Responsibility and Community Engagement;
  • Delegated authority to review and approve nil salary, associate and adjunct appointments;
  • A member of the Faculty Review Committee;
  • Supporting the on-boarding of new faculty

Department Profile

Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion T: 514-668-4576
Richard Courtois
Dawson Hall, 306
Director of Administration T: 514-398-3254
richard.courtois [at] (Email)

Office of Advising and Student Information Services (OASIS)

Providing advice and support to undergraduate Arts students regarding their academic trajectory, from admission to graduation.

Our Office

Dawson Hall, Room 110
Arts OASIS, McGill University
853 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G5

Reach out to us | Website

Human Resources

Human Resources Role Contact
Preeya Bisoonauth
Dawson Hall, 310
Senior Human Resources Advisor T: 514-398-7540
F: 514-398-2720
preeya.bissoonauth [at] (Email)
Anne-Marie Fook Chong
Dawson Hall, 313
Human Resources Advisor T: 514-398-4217
F: 514-398-2720
annemarie.fookchong [at] (Email)
Jessica Chung Wing 
Dawson Hall, 311
Human Resources Advisor F: 514-398-2720
jessica.chungwing [at] (Email)
Christina Maiorino
Dawson Hall, 313
Human Resources Administrator

T: 514-398-1597
F: 514-398-2720
christina.maiorino [at] (Email)

Faculty Affairs and Academic Personnel

Faculty affairs and Academic personnel Role Contact
Marianne Casey 
Dawson Hall, 311
Academic Affairs Officer marianne.casey [at] (Email)

Immigration Support

Immigration support Role Contact
Maxime Grenier-Labrecque
James Administration Building
Immigration Advisor T: 514-398-5111
maxime.grenier [at] (Email)

Operations, IT and Computing Services

Operations, IT and Computing Services Role Contact
Erin McDonagh
Ferrier Building, 303A
Associate Director, Buildings erin.mcdonagh [at] (Email)
Brian De Sousa
Ferrier Building, 303A
Operation Manager operations.foa [at] (Email)
Kristin Mueller-Heaslip
Ferrier Building, 303B
Faculty Business Analyst kristin.mueller-heaslip [at] (Email)


Communications Role Contact
Valerie Khayat
Arts, 270C
Communications Officer valerie.khayat [at] (Email)
Andria Caputo
Arts, 270B
Communications Associate andria.caputo [at] (Email)


Finance Role Contact
Nancy Prsa
Dawson Hall, 265A
Senior Financial Officer
T: 514-398-4400 ext. 094868
F: 514-398-8102
nancy.prsa [at] (Email)
Raluca Feru (On leave)
Dawson Hall, 312
Financial Officer T: 514-398-4400 ext. 094995
F: 514-398-8102
raluca.feru [at] (Email)
Anna Pietromonaco
Dawson Hall, 265B
Financial Officer anna.pietromonaco [at] (Email)
Lauren Mak
Dawson Hall, 265B
Budget Administrator T: 514-398-4400 ext. 00370
F: 514-398-8102
lauren.mak [at] (Email)
Meena Mohan
Peterson Hall
Research Finance Administrator (FST) T: 398-5113
meena.mohan [at] (Email)
Kyrsten Felts Research Finance Administrator (FST) T: 398-2479
meena.mohan [at] (Email)

Research and Graduate Studies

Research and Graduate studies Role Contact
Kathleen Holden
Arts Building, 265A
Prizes and Awards Officer T: 514-398-4400 
ext. 094751
F: 514-398-8102
kathleen.holden [at] (Email)
Nicole Guedon
Dawson Hall, 217C
Graduate and Postdoctoral Program Administrator T: 514-398-1447
adr.arts [at] (Email)
Iris Godbout
Dawson Hall, 217D
Grants Officer T: 514-398-4842
iris.godbout [at] (Email)

Arts Internship Office

Arts Internship Office Role Contact
Anne Turner
Leacock Building, 309
Director T: 514-398-2916
anne.turner [at] (Email)


Arts Development and Planned Giving

Research and Graduate studies Role Contact
Clayton Atto
Peterson Hall
Director of Development,
Faculty of Arts
T: 514-398-6590
F: 514-398-4638
clayton.atto [at] (Email)
Andrea Larocque
Peterson Hall, 218
Administrative Coordinator T: 514-398-1894
F: 514-398-4638
andrea.larocque [at] (Email)
Andra Armasu Advancement Officer T: 514-398-7204
F: 514-398-4638
andra.armasu [at] (Email)
Donna Henchey
1430 Peel Street
Associate Director, Planned Gifts
Bequest and Planned Giving
T: 514-398-3559
F: 514-398-8012
donna.henchey [at] (Email)
Paulina Mickiewicz
Peterson Hall, 240
Development Officer,
Faculty of Arts

T: 514-269-7171
F: 514-398-4638
paulina.mickiewicz [at] (Email)


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