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The study of the languages, history, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome has a long tradition at McGill.

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Undergraduate Program

Classical Studies offers Undergraduate students training in Ancient Greek, Latin, Ancient History, Religion, Philosophy, and Classical Reception. 

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Graduate Program

Classical Studies at McGill offers Graduate students a rigorous training in Ancient Greek, Latin, and Classical Culture. Students can enroll in the Thesis, non-Thesis, or the Accelerated Track streams.

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Field School

Students get their hands dirty excavating during the Salapia Exploration Project field course in Italy, taught by Prof. Totten. 

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Classics faculty conduct exciting Research and participate in international collaborations, which offer rich opportunities for both graduates and undergraduates.

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McGill Classics Play

The McGill Classics Play introduces students to the rich experience of lived Classical Reception while fostering the exchange of art and ideas between the McGill University and Montreal community.

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Classical Studies

Welcome to Classical Studies at McGill

Classical Studies brings together several related areas in the study of ancient Greece and Rome. Students are provided with rigorous training in Greek and Latin languages. They explore the ancient world through Roman and Greek history, literature, archaeology and culture. They engage with interdisciplinary approaches to Classics including comparative cultures, reception, and performance studies. Students are exposed to innovative research opportunities under the supervision and guidance of experts in the field. In addition to a broad-based knowledge of Classics and its affiliated disciplines, our graduates develop strong professional skills that can be applied far beyond the field of Classics. Classical Studies at McGill University is devoted to creating a vibrant and intellectual academic culture where students can learn about the ancient world in a dynamic and engaging community that fosters growth and curiosity.

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