Undergraduate Studies in Classics

Classical Studies is inherently interdisciplinary, offering courses in the the languages, literature, history, archaeology and culture of ancient Greece and Rome. Students may complete an undergraduate program in Classics (Minor, Major, Honors, Joint Honors Concentration) by selecting from Classics courses (CLAS), History courses (HIST) that focus on ancient Greece or Rome, as well as courses in several related disciplines in the Faculty of Arts such as Philosophy, English, and Art History. 

  • A list of courses that may be counted toward a Classics program, including courses offered in other departments, is available on the left sidebar menu and in the university eCalendar.

Students may also complete an undergraduate program in History focusing on ancient Greek and Roman history. Consult the History Programs page for program requirements. Students who are considering graduate studies in ancient history are strongly encouraged to take ancient Greek and Latin language courses in addition to their history program.

Classics course pertaining to the study of modern Greek Language and Literature may be counted towards the Minor program in Modern Greek Studies