Reread policy

Re-Assessment and Re-Read Policy
Department of History and Classical Studies

as approved by the Department on January 16, 2017
based on Faculty Guidelines for such a policy

There are two recognized types of impartial reviews of written course assessments that have been graded: (a) reassessment of courses work such as term papers, midterm exams, quizzes, assignments, etc., and (b) re-read of a final examination.

(a) Reassessment of Coursework

  1. For all written course work other than final exams in History (HIST) or Classics (CLAS) courses, the student must request a reassessment within 10 working days after the graded material(s) have been returned or otherwise made available for the student to view. The reassessment should normally be completed within 20 working days of the request.
  2. The request for a formal review must be made by the student in writing and should specify the reasons for the request. It is to be submitted to the Undergraduate Program Director (UPD) in the Department of History and Classical Studies.
  3. Where the student was returned the original graded materials, the student will bring them to an appointment with the UPD. The UPD will clarify the rereads policy to the student, emphasizing that the assignment will be re-assessed with the corrections and mark intact, and that the mark may become higher, lower or remain unchanged.
  4. The UPD will ask a second member of the Department competent in the assignment's area of study to review the original assignment and to grade it.
  5. The second reader is given the original assignment, with the marginalia, corrections, summary comments and mark intact. The second reader is also to be given the student's letter, if the student has submitted one, specifying the reasons for the review of the grade, and any notes from the instructor pertinent to the general nature of the course or the assignment (but not to the student's materials being reread).
  6. Rather than recorrect the work and then grade it as they would have done themselves, the second reader assess the appropriateness of the original grade based, for example, on the application of the grading key to the student's work. If a grade is deemed unfair, it is changed, whether the new grade is higher or lower than the original, i.e., the reviewer's grade takes precedence over the original grade. The second reader should support his/her evaluation with a brief memorandum to the UPD.
  7. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that students discuss the graded assignment with the course instructor first, before requesting a reassessment.
  8. In the case where the course instructor is also the UPD, the request for a reassessment should be submitted to the department Chair. The Chair will carry out the reassessment process as described above in the place of the UPD.

(b) Reread of Final Examination

  1. Rereads of final examinations in History (HIST) and Classics (CLAS) courses are administered by the faculty. For students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts and Science, requests are made via the Service Point Webform: Students from outside the Faculties of Arts and Science who are taking History or Classics courses must submit a final examination reread request directly to the Student Affairs Officer of their own faculty.
  2. Deadlines for submitting such requests are determined by the student’s faculty. Examination reread fees Consult the final examinations section of the eCalendar for more information:
  3. Examination reread fees apply. Refer to the Student Accounts website for more information:
  4. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that students discuss the graded final exam with the course instructor first, before requesting a reread.
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