Hirundo, the McGill Journal of Classical Studies, is published once a year by the Classics Students Association of McGill. The journal is completely authored, edited, and produced by undergraduate students at McGill University.

Hirundo seeks contributions from students and alumni related to the ancient Mediterranean world broadly defined. Essays on Classical art and literature, ancient European and Near Eastern history from the prehistoric through late antique periods, religious studies, ancient philosophy, and the Classical tradition are welcome. Hirundo aims to bring together students with diverse yet overlapping interests, and offer them the opportunity to publish their work for a wider audience and thereby promote Classical Studies.

If you are interested in joining the editorial board, wish to submit an article, or have further questions about Hirundo, please send an e-mail to the hirundo.history [at] gmail.com (editors) or visit the Classical Students Association website.


  • Most Outstanding Arts Undergraduate Association-Affiliated Publication, 2012-13
  • Most Outstanding Arts Undergraduate Association-Affiliated Publication, 2010-11
  • Arts Undergraduate Society Publication of the Year, 2007-08



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