Independent Research

CLAS 498 Independent Research (3 credits) 

Description and restrictions: Under the direction of an instructor, an independent research course that makes use of ancient texts in their original language. Permission must be obtained from the department before registration. Written permission of instructor. Student must have extensive background in the proposed area of study. 

What to do: To obtain permission and register for CLAS 498, qualified undergraduate students should first contact a potential academic supervisor, who in most cases will be a classical studies faculty member in the Department of History and Classical Studies. The student and academic supervisor should agree on a research topic and a project that will culminate in a major research essay or project requiring similar work and academic rigour. The student and academic supervisor should agree on project deadlines and assessment benchmarks and weights, i.e. will the course grade derive entirely from the final submission, or will the student receive marks throughout the term for meeting various benchmarks? Please consult the CLAS 498 Permission Form for more details (below).

PDF icon CLAS 498 Permission Form

The student must fill out the CLAS 498 Permission form and attach the necessary documents as outlined on the form. The form must be signed by the academic supervisor, indicating that s/he has agreed to supervise the project, and it must be signed by the Undergraduate Program Supervisor in the Department of History and Classical Studies. When the form is completed and signed, the student will submit the form and attached documents to the administrative office for History and Classical Studies in Leacock 712, and the undergraduate administrator will enable the student to register.


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