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The Institute for Health and Social Policy occupies a central role at McGill University as a multidisciplinary centre for research, training and knowledge mobilization on issues of health and social policy. The IHSP conducts and supports world-class research on how social conditions impact the health, well-being and resilience of people and communities, and leads programs designed to translate research findings into policies and programs on local, provincial, national and global scales. The Institute is committed to building collaborations with policymakers, communities and researchers to effectively move evidence to policy.

2019 Events

April 29th-May 3rd

IHSP Research to Policy Dragon’s Den
Call for applications is now open! More information here


3 Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry - "What is Disability? Theoretical Strategies to Define a Contested Concept" RSVP HERE



21 Chris Barrington-Leigh - "What Makes Societies Happy? The Dawn of Happiness-guided Policy" RSVP HERE













14 Adam Cureton - "Expressing Respect for People with Disabilities in Clinical Settings"











5 Daniel Béland - "Older and Wiser? Reflections on the Past and Future of Canada's Public Pension System"



What's New

Recruitment for our 2019 Language and Health Student Program is officially open!

Recruitment for our 2019 McBurney Latin America Fellowship Program is open!

Recruitment for our 2019 Graduate Award Program is open!

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Food Insecurity and Adolescent Health.

Call for applications for the IHSP Research to Policy Dragon's Den is now open!