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How can we move the needle on equitable health promotion? 

The McGill Department of Equity, Ethics, and Policy (DEEP) welcomes you to our annual research to policy conference - Lalonde@50: How can we move the needle on equitable health promotion?

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Prévention de l’itinérance : les dernières avancées 2024 - de la recherche aux politiques publiques

le 19 avril, 2024 - 10h - 17h
En ligne sur ZOOM

Le Département d'équité, d'éthique et de politiques de l'Université McGill et la Mission Old Brewery ont le plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence annuelle (en ligne) du Collectif québécois pour la prévention de l'itinérance (CQPI): Prévention de l'itinérance: Les dernières avancées 2024 – de la recherche aux politiques publiques.

Cette conférence présentera deux webinaires avec la participation d'experts internationaux en provenance de Finlande, du Royaume-Uni et de la Province du Manitoba. Le premier abordera le thème de la prévention des évictions, tandis que le second traitera des allocations logement, les deux jouant un rôle crucial dans la prévention de l'itinérance.

Trois de nos groupes de travail (Santé mentale, Droit au logement, Processus judiciaires et correctionnels) partageront également leurs dernières avancées au sein de salles de discussion dédiées.

Cet événement est gratuit, et une traduction simultanée sera disponible.

QHPPC April 19 conference save the date poster

The Latest in Homelessness Prevention 2024: From Research to Policy

April 19, 2024 - 10:00-17:00
Online over ZOOM

The McGill Department of Equity, Ethics and Policy and the Old Brewery Mission are delighted to invite you to the annual conference of the Quebec Homelessness Prevention Policy Collaborative (Q-HPPC): The Latest in Homelessness Prevention 2024: From Research to Policy.

This online conference will feature two webinars with international presenters from Finland, the UK, and the Province of Manitoba. The first webinar will address eviction prevention, while the second will focus on housing benefits; both playing a crucial role in preventing homelessness.

Additionally, in breakout rooms, three of the Q-HPPC’s working groups (Mental Health, Justice/Corrections, and Right to Housing) will present their latest advances.

The event is free of charge, and simultaneous translation will be available.

Conversations on Climate Justice – Perspectives from Canada and the Caribbean Webinar Series

The Role and Experience of Youth in Promoting Climate Justice

April 25 QES Seminar PosterApril 25, 2024 12-13 EST
Only on ZOOM


Join us for the final talk in our Conversations on Climate Justice – Perspectives from Canada and the Caribbean webinar series. This moderated discussion will explore the role and experience of youth in promoting climate justice in Canada, the Caribbean, and globally.


Shir Gruber
MSc. Student and National Director of Sustainable Youth Canada

Biography: Shir Gruber has a bachelor of science in Hydrology with a minor in Geographic Information Systems at McGill University. She is completing a Master’s of Science at McGill studying wetlands as Nature-based Solutions. Her interest resides in empowering communities from the roots up and mitigating climate change.

She was co-president of Dawson College’s environmental club in 2019 co-leading the Montreal climate marches, was a TEDxYouth speaker, published work detailing a framework to implement grassroots environmentalism in academic settings, and was the regional co-director of Sustainable Youth Canada (SYC) in Montreal before entering her role as national co-director. She has been recognized as one of the Top 25 under 25 environmentalists in Canada by the Starfish Foundation.

Shir has conducted research contributing to changing a college’s policy on waste management impacting over 10,000 people, conducted research about bioremediation, invasive species and Climate Justice in Montreal, and conducted research in the Caribbean on the subject of agricultural adaptations to climate change at the University of West Indies through the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program. She serves on the Natural Resources Canada Youth Council where she is consulting Canada’s minister of natural resources on a just green transition.


Maggie Chang
Writer, Artist, Environmental Activist, Co-Chair City of Toronto Climate Advisory Group

Biography: Maggie is a poet, writer, and artist whose environmental journey started in first grade when she learned about deforestation of the Amazon in school. Since then, Maggie has led campus secondhand clothing sales for sustainable fashion, organized a UN Sustainable Development Goal training, and helped establish EcoSchools Canada’s Youth Advisory Council, leading her to be named one of the first WWF Canada Living Planet Leaders and a Top 25 Under 25 Environmentalist in Canada. With a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Maggie is passionate to be living her values to build an intersectional environmental movement as part of the 2022-2023 Natural Resources Canada Youth Council and the City of Toronto Climate Advisory Group. She is particularly honoured to have had the opportunity to practice international solidarity working with Fairtrade Organic Café Femenino Coffee communities in Peru during the summer of 2019.

Jhannel Tomlinson-Evans
Scholar Activist and Co-Founder, GirlCARE

Biography: Jhannel Tomlinson is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Geography and Geology, at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. Her research seeks to assess the capacity of Community-based Organizations (CBOs) to effectively support current and future climate change adaptation initiatives. She has published academic papers on the preliminary findings of her work and has also been a part of multi-disciplinary teams, conducting research on agriculture, climate change and rural development.

In addition to her academic work, she is a youth climate activist who is a member of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN), Jamaica and is co-founder of Young People for Action on Climate Change (YPACC), Jamaica. She was a youth delegate at the Youth Climate Change Conference held in Kingston, 2017 and was a co-organizer in the local Rise for Climate event held in September 2018, which brought together youth participants who revealed their fears, concerns and recommendations as it relates to climate change.

Her involvement in climate action both through academia and activism, led to her being selected as the Jamaican Youth delegate to attend the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, (COP24) held in Katowice, Poland in December 2018. During this conference, she was engaged in intense discussions and was invited to present on the factors contributing to the involvement of youth as change agents in the fight for a sustainable future. Since her involvement in the COP, she has been asked to participate in a host of local events including lectures, presentations and panel discussions.

She is currently a lead organizer for the Post-COP Youth Consultations being organized by the Climate Change Division (CCD) of the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation and was recently invited to attend the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum, the most institutionalized avenue for youth participation in the work of the United Nations, scheduled for April this year.

The poise and passion of this young lady in taking a stand against climate change, helps to showcase that the youth have a critical role to play and if we all work together, we can raise ambition, accelerate climate solutions and help to create a more sustainable future for Jamaica.

The McGill-UofT Wellbeing Seminar (MUWS) series will feature presentations and panel discussions from leading wellbeing researchers across a variety of disciplines. Wellbeing research is expanding quickly and receiving increased interest from policy-makers and the public, however as a research community we are spread widely across institutions, and most do not have the critical mass of researchers to host their own seminar series in wellbeing research. Conveniently scheduled for researchers in the Americas and accessible to Europe and other time zones, we have conceived the Wellbeing Seminar to fill this gap and foster collaboration among researchers across career-stages and the globe.


December 4th - Ruut Veenhoven. Reflections on a half-century of wellbeing research

January 8th - Carol Graham. The Twin Crises of Despair and Misinformation: A Role for Wellbeing Science?

February 5th - Louis Tay. Assessing well-being in societies: Psychometric, methodological, and data science issues to consider

March 4th - Matthew Killingsworth. Human Happiness in High Resolution

April 15th - John Helliwell - Happiness at Different Ages

May 6th - Shige Oishi - Culture and well-being: Conceptual and measurement issues

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Visit their website here.

The Policy Talks Webinars were recorded on Zoom and uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

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