Minor Concentration

The Minor Concentration in Social Studies of Medicine is an interdisciplinary concentration of courses designed to address the needs of 1) undergraduates preparing for one of the health professions and 2) social science and humanities undergraduates who wish to gain a broader interdisciplinary understanding of medicine and health issues.

The Minor Concentration in Social Studies of Medicine presents medicine as a complex network of institutions, cultures and political relations embedded in the institutions, cultures and political relations of the larger society. Courses are divided into three groups: History of Medicine, Anthropology of Medicine, and Sociology of Medicine.

The Minor consists of 18 credits. Students are required to take at least one course in each of the three groups. NOTE: No overlap is permitted with courses counting towards the student's Major Concentration.

Please see current calendar for prerequisites and courses offered or consult Minerva Course Catalog.

Search the Class Schedule by term for course sections offered. This includes class times, locations and instructors.

Please note: not all courses are offered each year.

The department of Social Studies of Medicine is in the process of revising its minor program. In the meantime we will accept the following courses in addition to the approved course list:

ANTH 385 (can count towards your one course minimum in each group)

HSEL 309 (can count towards your 18 credits requirements, but you still need at least one course in each group (HIST, ANTH, SOCIOLOGY)


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) - Minor Concentration Social Studies of Medicine (18 Credits)

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