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The Department of Social Studies of Medicine (SSoM) is an interdisciplinary teaching and research unit in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at McGill University. Faculty members draw on a broad range of perspectives from the social sciences and humanities to understand practices and knowledge production in healthcare and medicine.

Our nine full-time professors teach or co-teach courses across all four years of undergraduate medical training and teach and supervise undergraduate and graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Engineering.

The Department offers a Minor Concentration in Social Studies of Medicine for undergraduates in the Faculty of Arts. MA and PhD degrees are awarded through allied disciplinary programs, currently Anthropology, History, Sociology, Architecture, Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Experimental Medicine. Graduate degrees supervised by SSoM faculty offer the special opportunity to provide students with a strong disciplinary competence and a distinctively interdisciplinary perspective on medicine.

We welcome Visiting Fellows, Visiting Professors, and Visiting Scholars.

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