Canadian Studies (CANS ) Undergraduate Programs

Canadian Studies may be currently be completed as a Minor. Majors and Honours programs are currently scheduled to be reinstated next year (2022-23). Please see this checklist PDF icon revised_cans_minor_checklist_may_2021.pdf for information about program requirements.

Image of poster describing Canadian Studies program

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Our graduates go on to establish careers in government, law, business, education, social services, communications, and journalism, among many other fields. Some also choose to pursue further studies in social sciences and/or humanities.

Our Canadian Studies undergraduate programs provide interdisciplinary courses on Canada and integrate the study of Canada in collaboration with different departments within the Faculty of Arts at McGill University. Through our partnerships with other units, we ensure that students receive exposure to various disciplines and research methods, corresponding to the highest standards of academic excellence. At a glance, we:

  • promote the study of Canada from all scholarly angles, analyzing diverse topics, contexts, and perspectives;
  • encourage the use of new media and techniques for the exploration and expression of innovative ideas;
  • provide a rich and immersive learning environment by hosting distinguished visiting lecturers, guest speakers, and subject experts;
  • expose our students to the full range of geographical, political, cultural, and social diversity of Canada through our programs, arranging exchanges and internships in collaboration with partner organizations;
  • assist in the publication of MISC's student-run journal, Canadian Content;
  • connect our students with academic and professional opportunities, as a member of the Canadian Studies Network; and
  • organize and host public events relevant to current debate, to which we invite our students to attend as active participants.


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