Yang Zhou, PhD

Yang Zhou, PhD
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yang.zhou7 [at] mcgill.ca

Yang Zhou is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University and a Principal Investigator of the Montreal Neurological Institute.

He obtained his Ph.D. from the Institute of Neuroscience, CAS in 2008. He joined The Neuro in 2019 after completed his post-doctoral training and scientist position at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At The Neuro, Zhou is leading a research group intending to reveal the neurobiological mechanisms underlie developmental brain disorders and search for therapeutic clues with interdisciplinary approaches.

Yang Zhou and his students thank the generous funding support from The Neuro, The Molson Neuro-Engineering Award of IPN, The Healthy Brains, Healthy Lives (HBHL) Program, The Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR), the NSERC, Canada Research Chair (CRC)/CIHR, The CFI-John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF), The SickKids Foundation, and The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

Selected publications: 

Zhou Y*, Sharma J*, Ke Q*, Landman R*, Yuan JL, Chen H, Hayden DS, Fisher III JW, Jiang MQ, Menegas W, Aida T, Parmar S, Hyman JB, Fnucci-Kiss A, Meisner O, Wang DQ, Huang Y, Li YQ, Bai YY, Ji WJ, Lai XQ, Li WQ, Huang LH, Lu ZH, Wang LP, Anteraper SH, Sur M, Zhou HH#, Xiang AP#, Desimone R, Feng GP#, Yang SH#. (2019) Atypical behaviour and connectivity in SHANK3-mutant macaques. Nature

Platt RJ*, Zhou Y*, Slaymaker IM*, Shetty AS, Weisbach NR, Kim JA, Sharma J, Desai M, Kempton HR, Crabtree GR, Feng G, Zhang F. (2017) Chd8 mutation leads to autistic-like behaviors and impaired striatal circuits. Cell Report.

Mei Y*, Monteiro P*, Zhou Y, Kim JH, Gao X, Fu ZY, Feng GP. (2016) Adult Restoration of Shank3 Expression Rescues Selective Autistic-like Phenotypes. Nature

Zhou Y, Kaiser T, Monteiro P, Zhang XY, Marie SV, Wang DQ, Barak B, Zeng ML, Amaya A, Lewis M, Sanjana N, Zhou YD, Zhang MJ, Zhang F, Fu ZY, Feng GP. (2016) Mice with Shank3 mutations associated with ASD and schizophrenia display both shared and distinct defects. Neuron

Jennings C, Landman R, Zhou Y, Sharma J, Hyman J, Movshon AJ, Qiu ZL, Roberts A, Wang AR, Wang XQ, Zhou HH, Wang LP, Zhang F, Desimone R, Feng GP. (2016) Opportunities and challenges in modeling human brain disorders in transgenic primates. Nature Neuroscience

Platt RJ*, Chen SD*, Zhou Y, Yim MJ, Swiech L, Kempton HR, Dahlman JE, Parnas O, Eisenhaure TM, Jovanovic M, Heidenreich M, Xavier RJ, Langer R, Anderson DG, Hacohen N, Regev A, Feng GP, Sharp PA, Zhang F. (2014) CRISPR-Cas9 knock-in mice for genome editing and cancer modeling. Cell

Sanjana NE*, Cong L*, Zhou Y*, Cunniff MM, Feng GP, Zhang F. (2012) A transcription activator-like effector toolbox for genome engineering. Nature Protocol

Research areas: 
Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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