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Brenda Milner Multimedia

"Human quirks attract my interest. If you're a theoretical person, you can sit and dream up beautiful theories, but my approach is, What would happen if? Or, why is this person doing that and then, how can I measure it? I wouldn't still be working if I didn't find it exciting."
-Brenda Milner

2018 marked 100 years in the life of Brenda Milner. In celebration of this historic event, The Neuro hosted the Brenda Milner Centennial Symposium on the 6th and7th of September. It was an occasion to celebrate the accomplishments of this inspiring individual and to reflect on all that has been learned in 100 years of neuropsychology/cognitive neuroscience.

Watch the full stream of the event here!

Below is a selection of highlights on Brenda Milner's life and career. In celebration of her 100th birthday, you are invited to share your favourite Milner moments on Facebook using the hashtag #MilnerMondays.




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