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Mark Angle, MD
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Dr. Mark Angle is Medical Director of The Neuro, responsible for all aspects of patient care and professional medical services delivered at the Montreal Neurological Hospital. Dr. Angle is charged with administering and coordinating daily clinical activity, which includes patient management and use of beds, to ensure a high level of quality, efficiency and productivity. He also looks to see that patient care and clinical research are well integrated. As Medical Director, Dr. Angle represents the Montreal Neurological Hospital at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and at other network committees. In addition, Dr. Angle serves as Chief of the Department of Anesthesia, and as Director of The Neuro’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

An Assistant Professor in McGill’s University’s Departments of Medicine, Anesthesia, and Neurology and Neurosurgery, Dr. Angle received his B.A. (1972) and his M.D.C.M. (1976) from McGill. He conducted his residency training (1979-1982) in internal medical at the Royal Victoria Hospital (Montreal) before becoming a Fellow in Critical Care (1982-1983) and a Clinical and Research Fellow in the Division of Cardiology (1983-1984) at the Health Sciences Centre, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg). Dr. Angle furthered his training in the Division of Respiratory Medicine at the Johns Hopkins Teaching Institutions (1984-1986) before returning to McGill as clinical director of the Medical ICU of the Royal Victoria Hospital. In 1990, he took a sabbatical leave and completed a three-year fellowship residency in Anesthesia at McGill, returning to clinical practice at the Montreal Neurological Hospital in 1993.

Dr. Angle has been responsible for key advances in patient care at The Neuro, including the development and implementation of the RED Unit for the reception and rapid assessment of stroke patients. The team has become a model for stroke treatment across Canada.




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