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Jelena Djordjevic, PhD
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Jelena Djordjevic is a clinical neuropsychologist. She sees patients with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, brain tumours, cerebrovascular disorders, and various other conditions affecting brain health. She provides comprehensive assessments as well as treatment and reintegration recommendations to neurological and neurosurgical patients, and supervises doctoral and postdoctoral candidates whose career goal is to practice clinical neuropsychology. Her research focuses on cognition, olfaction and the quality of life of neurological patients. Topics of interest in relation to Parkinson’s disease include the heterogeneity of cognitive profiles, the prediction of cognitive outcomes following surgical treatment, the evolution of cognitive impairment, the relationships between olfaction and cognition and their impact on patients’ quality of life, the perception of pleasant versus unpleasant odours in normal aging and their association with nutrition and quality of life, the modulation of olfactory perception by cognitive processes and the neuroanatomical correlates of human olfaction. Djordjevic is a member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) and an OPQ-certified neuropsychologist. She has a joint Assistant Professor appointment in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery and Department of Psychology, McGill University.

Selected publications: 

Joussain P, Ferdenzi C, Djordjevic J, Bensafi M. Relationship between psychophysiological responses to aversive odors and nutritional status during normal aging. Chemical Senses, 42(6):465-472, 2017.

Ferdenzi C, Joussain P, Digard B, Djordjevic J, Bensafi M. Individual differences in verbal and non-verbal affective responses to smells: Influence of odor label across cultures. Chemical Senses, 42(1):37-46, 2017.

White TL, Sadikot AF, Djordjevic J. Metacognitive knowledge of olfactory dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease. Brain and Cognition, 104:1-6, 2016. 4. Manescu S, Frasnelli J, Lepore F, Djordjevic J. Now You Like Me, Now You Don't: Impact of Labels on Odor Perception. Chemical Senses. 39(2):167-75, 2014. 5. Seubert J, Freeiherr J, Djordjevic J, Lundström JN. Statistical localization of human olfactory cortex. Neuroimage. 24; 66:333-342, 2013.

Jadauji JB, Djordjevic J, Lundström JN, Pack CC. Modulation of olfactory perception by visual cortex stimulation. Journal of Neuroscience, 29;32(9):3095-100, 2012.

Djordjevic J, Boyle JA, Jones-Gotman M. Pleasant or unpleasant: Attentional modulation of odor perception. Chemosensory Perception, 5:11–21, 2012. 8. Banks S, Sziklas V, Djordjevic J, Golinski R, Jones-Gotman M. Awareness of deficits during intracarotid anesthetic procedures in epilepsy: Comparisons of motor, naming, and comprehension awareness under amobarbital versus under etomidate. Epilepsy & Behavior, 19(4):591-595, 2010.

Djordjevic J, Lundström JN, Clement F, Boyle JA, Pouliot S, Jones-Gotman M. A rose by any other name: Would it smell as sweet? Journal of Neurophysiology, 99: 386–393, 2008.

Djordjevic J, Jones-Gotman M, De Sousa K, & Chertkow H. Olfaction in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's Disease. Neurobiology of Aging, 29: 693-706, 2008.

Research areas: 
Cognitive Neuroscience

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