Jean-Francois Cloutier, PhD

Jean-Francois Cloutier, PhD
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The flow of information in the central nervous system is dependent on the formation of selective and functional synaptic connections within complex circuits in the brain. Alterations in the formation or maintenance of neuronal circuitry have been linked to certain forms of intellectual disability and brain dysfunction, including those associated with various neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder. Thus, deciphering how neural circuits are assembled and modulate our behaviours is instrumental for our understanding of how the brain functions. Jean-François Cloutier’s Lab studies the molecular and cellular events that modulate neural cell specification, axonal targeting, and synapse formation and function.

Selected publications: 
  • Wang, J., Vaddadi, N., Pak, J.S., Park, Y., Quilez, S., Roman, C.A., Dumontier, E., Thornton, J.W., Cloutier, J.-F., Özkan, E. (2021). Molecular and Structural Basis of Olfactory Sensory Neuron Coalescence by Kirrel Receptors. Cell Reports (37) 5: 109940. 

  • Fearnley, S., Raja, R, Cloutier, J-F. (2021). Spatiotemporal expression of IgLON family members in the developing mouse nervous system. Scientific Reports 11 (1):19536. 

  • Vaddadi, N, Iversen, K, Raja, R, Phen, A, Brignall, A, Dumontier, E and Cloutier, J-F. (2019). Kirrel2 is differentially required in populations of olfactory sensory neurons for the targeting of axons in the olfactory bulb. Development. 146: dev173310. 

  • Brignall, A.C., Raja, R., Phen, A., Prince, J.E.A, and Cloutier, J.-F. (2018). Loss of Kirrel family members alters glomerular structure and synapse numbers in the accessory olfactory bulb. Brain Structure and Function. 223: 307-319. 

  • Beaubien, F., Raja, R., Kennedy, T., Fournier. A.E., Cloutier, J.-F. (2016). Slitrk1 is localized to excitatory synapses and promotes their development.Scientific Reports. 6: 27343. 

  • Kam, J.W.K., Dumontier, E., Brignall, A.C., Mendes da Silva, D., Cowan, M., Kennedy, T.E., Cloutier, J.-F. (2016) RGMB and Neogenin control progenitor cell differentiation in the developing olfactory epithelium Development 143: 1534-46. 

  • Brignall, A.C., Cloutier, J.F. (2015) Neural map formation and sensory coding in the vomeronasal system. Cell Mol Life Sci. 72:4697-709. 

  • Prince, J.H., Brignall, A.C., Cutforth, T., Shen, K., Cloutier, J.-F. (2013) Kirrel-3 is required for the coalescence of vomeronasal sensory neuron axons into glomeruli and for male-male aggression. Development 140: 2398-2408. 

Research areas: 
Neurodevelopmental Disorders

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