Christian Janicki, PhD

Christian Janicki, PhD
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514-934-1934 Ext 43866
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christian.janicki [at]
Hospital title: 
Radiation Safety Manager

Christian Janicki is the Radiation Safety Manager. His research focuses on the effect of radiation on restenosis and use of radioactive coils for aneurysm embolization. 

Radiation exposure from medical sources (e.g. CT scans, dental X-Rays) may increase the risk of cancer for children according to recent studies. Janicki is reviewing the literature and the risk model hypothesis (LNT) in an effort to better inform the patients and public about the true risk-benefit ratio of medical X-Rays for children.

Selected publications: 

W.H. Roa, B. Yaremko, A. McEwan, J. Amanie, D. Yee, J. Cho, S. McQuarrie, T. Riauka, R. Sloboda, L. Wiebe, R. Loebenberg, C. Janicki, Dosimetry study of [I-131] and [I-125]-meta-iodobenzyl guanidine in a simulating model for neuroblastoma metastasis, Tech Canc. Res. Treat. 2012 Sept 10 [Epub ahead of print].

M.J. Kutryk, M.A. Kuliszewski, R. Jaffe, F.O. Tio, C. Janicki, W.L. Sweet, J.D. Sparkes, B.H. Strauss, Low-energy gamma-emitting stents inhibit intimal hyperplasia with minimal "edge effects" in a pig coronary artery model, Cardiovasc. Revasc. Med. 8(1), 28-37 (2007).

J. Raymond, C. Mounayer, I. Salazkin, A. Metcalfe, G. Gevry, C. Janicki, S. Roorda, P. Leblanc, Safety and effectiveness of radioactive coil embolization of aneurysms: effects of radiation on recanalization, clot organization, neointima formation, and surrounding nerves in experimental models, Stroke 37(8), 2147-52 (2006). 
C. Janicki, Dose delivery accuracy from (32)P-oligodeoxynucleotide-coated coils and associated risks of usage in humans,  Amer. J. Neuroradiol. 27(1), 7-8 (2006). Auth. reply 8.

D. Roy, J.P. Soucy, N.G. Hartman, C. Janicki, A. Weill, F. Guilbert, K. Papineau, J. Raymond, In situ beta-irradiation of a brain arteriovenous malformation model, Stroke 36(11), 2475-8 (2005).

Research areas: 
Neuroimaging and Neuroinformatics

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