Pierre Gloor Lecture: The Advances of MRI in Epilepsies: From Diagnosis and Classification to Pathophysiology and Endophenotypes

Thursday, May 25, 2023 16:00to17:00
Montreal Neurological Institute 3801 University, 3801 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4, CA


This named lecture honours the life and legacy of Pierre Gloor (1923-2003) whose work at The Neuro in understanding and treating epilepsy earned him a worldwide reputation. The Pierre Gloor lecture serves as the pinnacle of the recently inaugurated Epilepsy Lecture Series. A cocktail reception will follow.

Speaker: Fernandes, Cendes, Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Campinas - UNICAMP, Brazil

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Talk Abstract:

The Advances of MRI in Epilepsies: From Diagnosis and Classification to Pathophysiology and Endophenotypes

High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) plays a crucial role in defining the etiology and prognosis of medical and surgical treatment in patients with epilepsies. The results from an MRI visual analysis of signal characteristics of a suspicious lesion, its location, and extent, with or without postprocessing, are fundamental to the surgical approach in patients with focal epilepsies. However, MRI findings are often subtle and may be undetected even with state-of-the-art MRIs, particularly in cortical dysplasias (FCD). In addition, advances in computer science and faster hardware enabling big data analyses transformed the neuroimaging research field, leading to new avenues in clinical research. Research applications, including different functional and structural MRI acquisitions, are leading to new insights into the vast extent of network dysfunction underlying cognitive comorbidities and a better understanding of disease mechanisms through imaging genomics and subclinical quantitative data that could be used as endophenotypes, to name a few of the potential MRI applications.


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